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Sindi Somers published in San Diego Pets magazine September 2008 issue!

Sindi and Ginger Somers say hello with a smooch!

As published in San Diego Pets magazine September 2008 issue.
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By, Sindi Somers

Even physicists agree that everything is energy. We are energy, our pets are energy and so are our words, thoughts and emotions. Telepathy is a form of non-verbal communication. It is a transference of energy in the form of information and thoughts.

I believe that we all communicate telepathically, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. In our interactions with others, we give and receive our thoughts, beliefs and expectations. It can be confusing to people and pets when we say or do one thing, but actually think, believe or expect another. When the energy behind the words doesn’t match what is verbalized, it creates a conflict in what is communicated. Conflicting messages not only create confusion, but can also lead to frustration, depression and anger, as well as unwanted and troubling behaviors.

Animals are clear readers of energy and skilled telepathic communicators. Our pets tune into us more than we realize. They not only communicate to us, but they are also aware of what we are communicating to them. To establish clearer communication, it is helpful to remember that we are not only relaying words, but also energy, thoughts, beliefs and our true intentions.

Our pets are also aware of our emotions and can experience what we are feeling. Our fear, grief, the stress level of their caregiver(s). If things are not harmonious in the external environment, anxiety, anger and stresses can and do affect our pets. A pet’s stress level is often a reflection of the internal is also affected. A pet may have experienced fearful and even abusive experiences in its past. Residual anxiety from these memories can be further stimulated and intensified by the fears and stresses present in the pet’s new home.

Caring pet parents often worry if their pet is okay, healthy and happy. Although it is important to be aware of changes in our pet’s behavior and address potential medical issues promptly, our concern can sometimes do more harm than good. Often we move our worry energy and concerned thoughts outward and into our pet. This sharing of energies simply adds to the stress and discomfort of the pet.

In addition to us wanting our pets to be okay, our pets want us to be okay too! As we project our concern onto them, they are busy taking on our problems in hopes of making us happier and less tense. We are trying to ensure their well being, while they are trying to ensure ours!

This may seem like an impossible situation to resolve. In actuality, it is quite simple. Sometimes we put our attention on our pets or other aspects of our external surroundings to avoid what is going on within us. By addressing our personal issues, resolving our own problems, acknowledging our true feelings and emotions, we don’t have to look for outside distractions to help us avoid ourselves. In turn, our pets don’t have to come to our rescue quite as often.

The more we take care of ourselves, the more at peace everything in our life becomes. The calmer and more contented we are the more relaxed and secure our pets can be.

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