Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I will BLOG for YOU!

Last week was beach week on Source Capital's blog.
I love blogging. Not only do I write my own, but I blog for others, as well. I have a strong marketing background and use my promotional skills to assist me in writing effective blogs, website content, press releases, articles and publicity copy.

I wrote a regular blog for over a year for Source Capital, a private lender based in North San Diego County. Source Capital Funding, Inc. provides real estate loans for those that have been turned down by traditional banks. If you are still seeking a loan in Arizona or California, give them a try before giving up on your dream. Source Capital also have low risk, high return real estate investment opportunities. Below is a link to the Source Capital blog.

Besides the one I pen for Rancho Bernardo's Source Capital and this writing blog of mine I have many more! Below are a just some to check out to learn more about me and my style.

In addition to blogs, I write jokes and perform stand-up comedy.

So yes! In addition to writing blogs and other short masterpieces, you can hire me as a comedian, a pet psychic, meditation teacher, a wedding officiant and more! I have a lot of interests, but one thing that is consistent throughout is my love of helping others; animals and people.

To learn more, contact me at sindisomers@gmail.com or 619-797-0705.

Thank you and have a Wild and Tame day!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Can Write for You! Anytime. Anywhere. Just Ask!

My Life as a Puppy a.k.a. My Name is Sampson, was published in 2011
in San Diego Pets Magazine.

About Writer Sindi Somers

I love to write. I know not everyone does. I not only write for my own enjoyment, but also to assist others. In addition to writing expertise, I have a marketing and promotions background. This combination helps me to help you market your business, product, service or yourself. 

Not only do I love writing, marketing and business, but also animals and the arts. I am a quick learn and excellent researcher. I can write on any topic you throw at me. I offer competitive rates and a prompt turn around time. Plus, if you need tips for Fido or Felix, I can help there too!

Below are writing samples for your review. If you like what you see, call me at 619-384-0761 or email me by clicking here. Although I am based in San Diego, thanks to the advancements of modern technology, I can write for anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Here is a link to a blog I write for Source Capital Funding, Inc. of Rancho Bernardo. I have 100% creative control with this particular ongoing writing assignment. However, I am able to write within any criteria or perimeters given to me.

I have been a contributing writer to San Diego Pets Magazine since 2008. On my main website I have a number of links to published articles. Click below to review some of my work!

Are you active on the social media scene? I am! If you need help building your number of Facebook friends or likes or you want more followers on Twitter, let me know. I can write clever tweets, status updates and posts and also help with Google, LinkedIn, Yelp and more!

Want more writing samples? Just ask!

Sindi Somers
Thank you and I hope to hear from you!